Pound for pound, children breathe more air than adults. Their rapidly growing bodies are especially vulnerable to environmental exposures. There are many potential hazards in early learning centers that can impacts a child’s ability to learn, play and grow.

Exposures can include art and science supplies, toys, playground equipment, cleaning products, building materials, pesticides, furniture, and carpet, just to name a few. With training and resources, each of these exposures can be reduced to create a healthier environmental for children and staff. Our goal is to provide recommendations for solutions, policies and practices that will immediately benefit the health and well-being of children and staff in centers.  

Early learning center directors and staff can learn about environmental exposures and can adopt the Eco-Healthy Childcare Checklist® (contact us for technical assistance). Our staff is trained by the Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) to provide assistance along with expertise, tools, and financing to address and, if need be, mitigate problem areas.

Our staff can work with centers to create a multi-pronged approach to address potential exposures such as cleaning products, school supplies, mold, pesticides, and dust which can lead to poor air quality. Centers can also start a “green team” or “wellness committee” to champion the initiative of improving the overall health and well-being of children and staff. Reach out to Healthy Schools PA today to request a free site visit!