Environmental and Health Education

We are proud to offer science-based curriculum on a multitude of environmental health topics. To request a lesson from WHE staff please use the form below. We utilize a sliding scale fee for lessons.

School Building as a Tool for Learning

This curriculum focuses on the ways school buildings interact with our environment. Students will investigate their school building in order to understand its systems in relation to the subjects of energy, water, consumption and waste, and air quality. Through inquiry-based learning, making observations, and utilizing school building experts (custodians, nurses, cafeteria managers, and more!) students can recognize the relationship between their built environment, the outside world, and their health.  This curriculum is best suited for students in grades 5-7 during instruction time with a class size of no more than 25 students.

Environmental Health: Nutrition and Chemical Exposures

This curriculum is concentrated on the ways common food and consumer products impact our bodies and environment. Topics featured under this curriculum include natural beauty and hygiene products, pesticide safety and awareness, and ways to become greener and more sustainable in our day to day lives.  These activities can be scaled across age groups and adjusted for a variety of settings, including instruction time, after-school programming, community events, and more!

Environmental Sustainability

This curriculum examines the major systems we interact with, both directly and directly, that determine a sustainable future. Topics featured under this curriculum include water conservation, water quality, stormwater management, consumption and waste, and energy. Through STEAM and hand-on activities, student will put on their environmental engineer hats and make model landfills, design their own water filters, and experiment with the properties of air! This curriculum is best suited for students grades 3-6 during instruction time or after-school programming with a class size of no more than 25 students.

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