Meet Our New KEYS Americorps Member, Kelsea!

Hi everyone, my name is Kelsea and I am very excited to be a part of the Women for a Healthy Environment team! I will be serving the WHE through the KEYS Service Corps for the next nine months. KEYS Service Corps, standing for Knowledge to Empower Youth to Success, assists with mentoring and tutoring students, provides opportunities for afterschool programs and activities, and leads youth to make progressive impacts in their community. Serving through WHE allows me to assist educating and spreading awareness to the Pittsburgh community about environmental issues and risks that affect schools and homes. Specifically, WHE’s Eco-Schools Program, which will be my main focus, encourages and inspires children to implement sustainable practices in their own lives, as well as in their community and schools. I am very excited to share what I am passionate about, and I am looking forward to gaining experience and knowledge about environmental issues that affect the Pittsburgh area.

In May, I graduated from Washington & Jefferson College with a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy, with a focus in Environmental Policy. I would love to continue my education after serving with AmeriCorps; possibly narrowing down a specific environmental track, like food sustainability or urban planning. All my life, I have grown up in New Jersey and I am very excited and grateful to have an opportunity to live in a new city. Since I was young, I have always enjoyed being outdoors, especially spending time outside with my family and friends. I enjoy traveling, doing outdoor activities, and learning new ways to implement sustainable practices into other people’s and my own lifestyle.

Even though COVID-19 has made it hard to go back to normal schooling, I am very excited to be serving and educating Pittsburgh’s students, whether that be virtual or in person learning. Hopefully in a few short months, we can all safely return back to normal and I can meet everyone in person! I look forward to working with students, as well as collaborating with the like-minded individuals who enjoy making the Pittsburgh community a better place for everyone.

We are so excited to welcome Kelsea to Pittsburgh and to the Women for a Healthy Environment Team! If you or your school are interested in learning more about our environmental health curriculum, STEAM activity kits, or other educational offerings, you can email Kelsea at